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  • Wine of the Week: 2014 Paolo Scavino, Langhe Nebbiolo

    Wine of the Week: 2014 Paolo Scavino, Langhe Nebbiolo

    As part of our quest to learn and share as much food and beverage knowledge as we can, we'd like to introduce you to our Wine of the Week segment. Each week, our Viti-Dream-Team Carlos Simoes Santos and Dorian Guillon will share their notes on an individual bottle of wine plucked straight from the Vue de monde cellar on Level 55. 

    This week, Carlos has selected a 2014 Paolo Scavino Langhe Nebbiolo, from Piedmont. 

    "Paolo Scavino is one of the true modernist winemakers of Piedmonte, a region that is already known for producing some of the most iconic reds in the world. The 2014 Nebbiolo from his vineyard in Langhe is super fresh, and much more approachable than the classic styles you would traditionally see from this region (Langhe's neighbouring towns include Barolo and Barbaresco - famed for the same varietal that often requires upwards of seven years to mature before drinking).

    Paolo's Nebbiolos are generally soft, delicious and elegant, and this particular drop gives all of those whilst still being lively and full of refreshing acidity. Grapey tannins are matched with earthy aromas of red fruits like sour cherry and ripe strawberry and a hint of mushroomy truffle. Notes of dried blood, charcuterie, and a little bit of spice...  I love it.

    This wine is diverse in the way that it drinks, and pairs brilliantly with a wide variety of foods.  For a low-key evening, something as simple as a hard cheese (think Pecorino). The lovely, refreshing acidity of the Nebbiolo rinses the palate of the crumbly cheese and again brings richness and texture to the palate with plenty of tannins.  If you're really looking to impress, slow-cooked, spiced pigeon (maybe some shaved truffles on top for good measure) will bring justice to a bottle of the caliber. 

    A unique drop that even the most cynical of red drinkers will be looking top-up.

    We have six bottles available to purchase on the Vue Shop. Right here. 

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