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  • What's on at Vue

    What's on at Vue
    As we approach the inevitable frivolity that comes hand in hand with Holiday Season, Vue is never one to miss out on a good party, but an unforgettable meal shouldn't be reserved for a special occasion. Our front and back-of-house teams work tirelessly throughout the year to create truly unique experiences for all guests at Vue Venues, and we also try to create one-off events that go beyond what is expected of a restaurant in today's industry. Whether it's a regular Wednesday or a celebratory Saturday, our team works to create events that will lift any day into to the extraordinary. 
    Visit this page regularly, and you'll be the first to know about our upcoming special events across Vue, with exclusive access on Vue Shop.  
  • A Case for Spring Wines

    A Case for Spring Wines

    Though a velvety red will always hold a place in our hears, our palette for Springtime flavours has awoken from its prolonged winter slumber, and we are ready to pop the cork on a bottle (or six) that celebrates our favourite season.

    Ahead of us, we are going to explore six local wines from Victorian producers that our Group Head Sommelier, Carlos Simoes Santos has hand-picked just for you, dear reader. Like each glass that we share, each wine has a producer with a tale to tell. Carlos is our master story-teller.